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Pain in the Sass Cleanser

Pain In The Sass have a quality cleanser that will help your face to recover from a night out. Thr beauty and cosmetics company have a range of quirky products to help you look great. You will feel clean and pampered after you use them . You will also want to tel layout friends all […]


You can enjoy sweet smelling scents from Pain In The Sass. The bathroom and toiletry company have come up with some amazing products. Their lotions and gels, shampoos and body creams smell amazing. It’s important to smell great when you go out on a date. Pain in The Sass have a lot of fruity smelling […]

Fun Toiletries from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass cosmetics and beauty products are fun. The company are expanding in Scotland and products are available through washmestyleme.com The fun brand is vibrant and youthful and packed with great attitude. So far, Pain In The Sass has launched just a handful of beauty products but there are plenty more to come. […]


Pain In The Sass recently launched a beauty brand in Scotland. It’s a funky company that sells lots of colourful products. You can get lots of different toiletries from Pain In The Sass. You can buy face wipes, shower gels, body lotions and hand creams. They are delivered directly to your door by Washmestyleme.com The […]

Box of Beauty from Pain In The Sass

A box of beauty products from Pain In The Sass makes the ideal present. Pain In The Sass has released two beautiful boxes of toiletries for girls. The funky and fun cosmetics company have got the ideal products  for you to use in the bathroom. The beauty box also makes the perfect gift. There are […]


If you need to moisturise your skin, Pain In The Sass has come up with some effective solutions. Moisturising is so important and the most important times to moisturise are after a bath, shave or exfoliation. Depending on how much you like to bath or shower, this could be twice a day. Moisturising after a […]

Funky Pain In The Sass gets you clean

 Pain In The Sass have a colourful funky beauty pack.  It stands out it in a world filled with toiletries and cosmetic products. I got mine as a gift and I love it’s sassy, streetwise attitude. Its bright and breezy packaging make it look extra special. As a perfect pressie, you’ll be able to keep […]

Party with Pain In The Sass Beauty

Party with Pain In The Sass and their fab cosmetic and beauty products. Body, skincare, gels, scrubs, lotions and potions are all available from the colourful company, The young, vibrant, and funky, fragrance and beauty products are stocked by Scots online outlet Wash Me Style Me. They give girly girls with attitude exactly what they […]