Fun Toiletries from Pain In The Sass

Fun Toiletries from Pain In The Sass

Fun toiletries from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass cosmetics and beauty products are fun.

The company are expanding in Scotland and products are available through

The fun brand is vibrant and youthful and packed with great attitude.

So far, Pain In The Sass has launched just a handful of beauty products but there are plenty more to come.

Beauty addicts can currently get their hands on Wipe Right Wipes from the brand.

They are specially formulated to help your skin and are PH balanced.

They are kind to sensitive skin and will help you to remove your make up in a hurry.

The packaging for the wipes is really funky and fun.

It is bright blue with a pop art illustration and lots of cool slogans.

You also get a few boxes of product at the moment.

Pain in the Sass gave produced a Hangover Kit which will help you recover after a party.

Not even comes with its own dinky eye mask.

There is also a lovely shower gel in Pink Grapefruit and shampoo too.

The Hangover Kit is just £15 which is terrific value.

There is also a fun Pamper Kit from the company.

Equally priced at £15, it is brightly coloured and would look great in your bathroom.

It comes with a number of cool products to help you relax.


As well as a body lotion, you also get a hand lotion included in the box.

They are both very fruity smelling with berries.

You will also be given a scrub in a tub which will help to clear away dead skin.

A little pouf inside the box will assist with the scrubbing.

It’s a fun little product that would make a great gift for someone.

Equally, you could just enjoy it yourself.

Pain In The Sass is one to watch for the future.

We can’t wait till they bring out more products.


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