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Pain in The Sass body cream smells great

Pain In The Sass have released a body cream that will make you smell great. We love to pamper ourselves after a long day. Pain In The Sass are helping us in our mission to feel fresh with a colourful body cream. They also sell a hand cream which smells beautiful. Pain In The Sass […]

Fun Toiletries from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass cosmetics and beauty products are fun. The company are expanding in Scotland and products are available through washmestyleme.com The fun brand is vibrant and youthful and packed with great attitude. So far, Pain In The Sass has launched just a handful of beauty products but there are plenty more to come. […]


I never knew how important smell was until Pain In The Sass Shower me their fruity products. Actually, I had been to a seminar where I was asked about my earliest scent memories. The only thing I could think about was my daddy’s cigars and auntie Eva’s moth balls. I love different smells and it’s […]