Funky Pain In The Sass gets you clean

Funky Pain In The Sass gets you clean

 Pain In The Sass have a colourful funky beauty pack.

 It stands out it in a world filled with toiletries and cosmetic products.

I got mine as a gift and I love it’s sassy, streetwise attitude.

Its bright and breezy packaging make it look extra special.

As a perfect pressie, you’ll be able to keep fresh and funky in the beauty department.

The sexy, crazy Pain In The Sass Hangover kit is available from Wash Me Style Me in Scotland.


It boasts not one, but four brilliant gels, lotions, cleansers and pamper products.

You’ll feel fresh after using it in your lips, eyes, cheeks, face and body.

Cleanliness is next to godliness in our book and Pain In The Sass have got it sussed.

The cartoony Hangover Kit  has shower gel, body lotion, sleep mask and fragrance free wipes.

Your body and smile will feel great after using it.

We’ve currently got the box on our bathroom shelf.

It’s helped to make our mornings brighter.

The Pink Grapefruit shower gel is sublime with extra zing to get your blood flowing.

And it’s perfect during a nice hot shower or bath.

Shaped like a colourful miniature bottle of bubbly it’s just the thing for a party girl.

Pain In The Sass also do a funky body lotion in the same fragrance.

Quite honestly you’ll probably want to eat yourself once you’ve put it on.

It goes on as smoothly as butter- after it’s been left out the fridge for a while.

Of course, no beauty and spa regime would be complete with a great make up removal Wipe.

The Wipe Right fragrance free Wipe is fab for delicate skin.

It actually looks the business with its funky packaging.

Consequently, all you need is to put on your Sass Off sleep mask and catch some Zzzzs.

After a busy bee day at the office or socialising Pain In  The Sass will get you feeling funky and fresh.

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