Box of Beauty from Pain In The Sass

Box of Beauty from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass toiletries

A box of beauty products from Pain In The Sass makes the ideal present.

Pain In The Sass has released two beautiful boxes of toiletries for girls.

The funky and fun cosmetics company have got the ideal products  for you to use in the bathroom.

The beauty box also makes the perfect gift.

There are currently two boxes on offer with more coming in the near future.

The hangover box is full of sassy lotions and gels to help you recover from a big day.

You might need the hangover kit after a girly night out.

It’s a colourfully designed box and is priced at just £15 from

You can recover like a real rock star with an eye mask provided inside.

You also get make up removing wipes and a Pain In The Sass shampoo.

You’ll love the pink grapefruit scent that will help to clear your head and cleanse your hair.

You also get a lovely morning after shower gel on pink grapefruit too.

You will feel wide awake after using the The Pain In The Sass hangover box.

There’s also a pampering kit inside a box

Pamper Kit in A box from Pain In The Sass

Beauty fans also get a lovely pampering kit with three funky wine shapes bottles inside.

Buyers also get a pouf and a scrub included in the box.

The bottles contain pomegranate and berry shower gel, peony and raspberry body lotion and a matching hand cream.

You will feel shiny and new after using the great smelling fruity scrub.

Beauty in a box is not a new idea but Pain In The Sass do it really well.

Pain In The Sass use only quality ingredients to make their cosmetics.

Your skin will be soft and won’t dry out after using the lotions and gels.

The box design is eye-catching and perfect for millennials.

Any party for the girls will be great fun with Pain In The Sass.

Whatever box set you decide to buy, Pain In The Sass have it sussed.


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