Colgate Toothbrush 360° Max White One Platinum 2 Head


Power away bacteria for a healthy whole mouth clean plus whitening.
A 4x whitening action with polishing star to remove surface stains and tapered spiral bristles to polish teeth.
The regular bristles clean away plaque and the dual-action brush head allows for advanced cleaning and whitening.
Cheek and tongue cleaner for a whole mouth clean feeling.


Get a whiter smile with the Colgate 360° Max White Expert Whitening Battery Powered toothbrush. This battery operated toothbrush has 4 whitening actions – a polishing star removes surface stains, tapered bristles polish, regular bristles remove plaque & a dual action brush head cleans and whitens.

How to use

Wet the brush head and apply toothpaste
Place the brush in the mouth and brush.
Dentist and hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush at least every 3 months.

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