Your night out with Pain In The Sass

Your night out with Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass will help your night out go with a bang.
You’ll know the quirky and colourful brand for its attitudinal books but now it has branched put into beauty.
The pop art cosmetics are the ideal accessory for any girl who means business.
You will definitely be in a good mood after trying out some of the famous Pain In The Sass catchphrases.

Pain In The Sass takes care of your night out

If you are going on a night out, Pain In The Sass will give you everything you need.
The brand will also help you the morning after.
Picture the scene – you are going on a big night out and need to smell great.
So what do you do?
You get hold of a box of Pain In The Sass A Little Bit of Bubbly Pampering Kit.
The funny and colourful box contains a whole host of concoctions to help you feel fresh.
You can prepare for your big night out with a pomegranate and berry shower gel.
The beautifully packaged bathroom favourite smell so fresh and fruity.
It will tease your nostrils, never mind your date.
To get rid of harder skin you can also try the pomegranate and berry body scrub. It also comes in a mini champagne style bottle and Your skin will be so soft after it.

Pop the cork on your big night out
Talk about as smooth as…
The lovely folk at Pain In The Sass also give you a lovely pink body pouf to help you out.
No of course we all know what it’s like when we come out the shower and dry off.
Sometimes our skin feels a little on the dry side.
To remedy this problem, Pain In The Sass have come up with Peony and Raspberry lotions.
They sound good enough to eat.
They go on your body like butter and will definitely add to your night out.
So there you have it – the perfect little package from Pain In The Sass beauty.
We love it here – and wouldn’t go out at night without it.

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