Pain In The Sass toiletries

Pain In The Sass have so many toiletries to make your bathroom look amazing.

The range of cosmetics and beauty products is still growing and we can’t wait.

I love sleep masks too and Pain In The Sass have come up with a pretty little number to keep you glowing after a big night out.

You can put the pampering Pain In The Sass Sass Off sleep mask on your face at night.

It will cover your eyes in style giving you a healthy night’s sleep.

And it will play an important part in your beauty routine.

Count your blessings with Pain In The Sass

Tests prove that less light improves sleep so this will really help.

It comes with a fresh and awakening Pink Grapefruit Morning After shower gel.

The incredible concoction will leave you wide eyed, after a nice hot cleaning shower.

There’s also a revitalising Pain In The Sass Pink Grapefruit Brainwash shampoo.

The shampoo will scrub your hair and make it soft and smooth, banishing bad hair days forever.

The products come as part of a brightly coloured Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit.

Amongst the toiletries are also fragrance free Wipe Right Facial Wipes from Wash Me Style Me who are based in Scotland.

The hair, skin, gel and scrub products are ideal if you want something fun and colourful to give as a present to your sassy pals.

They look like miniature bottles of bubbly and they are that sassy they could easily be worn.

In a market flooded with many other brands and products, Pain In The Sass has the edge.

It had been created by a young enthusiastic team rho know their stuff.

Their toiletry packs make the perfect gift and stand out wherever you put them.

They consist of healthy ingredients and smell as good as they look.

We can’t wait to see what else the team at Pain In The Sass beauty come up with.




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