Pain in The Sass body cream smells great

Pain in The Sass body cream smells great

Pamper Kit cream in A box from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass have released a body cream that will make you smell great.

We love to pamper ourselves after a long day.

Pain In The Sass are helping us in our mission to feel fresh with a colourful body cream.

They also sell a hand cream which smells beautiful.

Pain In The Sass have a range of lotions, creams, shampoo and shower gels.

You can buy them from

You will always get something a bit different from Pain In The Sass.

The brand is colourful and full of attitude.

You’ll want to stare at it for ages before you even open it.

It is so unique and colourful.

The packaging always looks youthful and the shower gel looks like a bottle of bubbly.

The shampoo comes in a similar bottle and there is a hand cream and body cream too.

You can currently buy three different products from Pain In The Sass.

Pain In The Sass boxes of cream, shampoo and lotions.

For £15 you can get hold of the Hangover Kit box.

It is designed to assist you after a big night out.

Girls will love the eye mask you are given with it.

You also get a handy packet of face wipes that will take off your mascara and lippy.,

You don’t even need water to wash your face.

There’s aslo a grapefruit scented shampoo and shower gel.

Simply pour them over your body to get clean.

In the Pamper Box you get lots of body cream in a bottle.

It smells fruity too – and you get a matching hand cream.

There’s really no excuse to feel dirty.

The cream smells of Peony and Raspberry.

It’s a lovely gift and will make you feel spoiled.

Girls will love Pain In The Sass body and hand cream and a scrub too.

It’s only £15 for the box.

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