Now you can buy Pain In The Sass Perfume from Wash me Style Me! Pain In The Sass Life Is A Cabernet is a brand new box of fragrance and is perfect as a Christmas gift this year.

You get a beautifully designed wine glass, bespoke and uniquely moulded – a one of a kind in the UK only. You will also receive a high quality and lovely wine bottle full of body mist in this gorgeous gift

Wine lovers will love this gift from at just £19.99.

If you like drinking wine and want a perfume that will stand out from the crowd then Pain In The Sass Life Is A  Cabernet perfume is the one for you.

The fragrance itself is an Eau De Parfum which lasts longer than an Eau de Toilette; It mixes rose with fruity notes like grapes and smells seductive when you wear it. You will love the beautiful box it comes in too.

Pain In The Sass wine glass perfume is perfect as a Christmas present or secret Santa gift.

The good folks at Wash me style me designed the box and bottles themselves, taking taking to perfect and develop the overall package. There is also other Pain In The Sass toiletry gift sets available like the Hangover Kit and Pampering Kit. Wash me style me will help your bathroom to look great.

The Scottish company headed up by 21 year old entrepreneur Alana Taylor is innovative and exciting, Alana designed the wine glass perfume and wine bottle body spray herself – taking inspiration from pop art.

Postage is free on all orders over £10 so you can grab a real bargain. You will love the other items on offer!

Pain In The Sass wine perfume is a grat, eye catching product and will surely be a real success.




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