Pink Grapefruit from Pain In The Sass

Pink Grapefruit from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit with Pink Grapefruit

PINK grapefruit  is the perfect beauty product from Pain In The Sass cosmetics.

The refreshing and reviving fruit is made of 92 per cent water.

This makes it ideal for overall hydration and health.

Being pink, it’s the perfect girlie colour.

Pink Grapefruit is much sweeter than a standard Grapefruit making it that little bit more special.

The beauty technicians and skincare experts at Pain In The Sass have used Pink Grapefruit to fragrance their Morning After Shower Gel.

Pink Grapefruit Is The Perfect product from Pain In The Sass.

It comes as part of their £15 Hangover Kit.

Who knew that a little box could help awaken your senses?

The fruit itself can help towards increased energy and vitality and may even help to tone the skin naturally.

Pink Grapefruit is also full of antioxidants and the Pain In The Sass shower gel feels fresh and invigorating on the skin.

The wonder stuff comes in a dinky little bubbly bottle.

It’ll add even more fizz to your morning or nighttime shower.

There’s also a cartoony bottle of Pink Grapefruit Brainwash shampoo in the Pain In The Sass Hangover Pack from Wash Me, Style Me.

You’ll also get a slinky smooth Eye Mask which will help you to sleep.

Your skin gets even better benefits from a good sleep.

For someone like me whose sleep is disturbed by the tiniest light from a mobile phone it’s a real blessing.

And you’ll get an extra helping of diva attitude from its quirky logos.

Get extra attitude from Pain In The Sass beauty and more of what you need to remain vibrant and healthy in the bathroom.

I’ve already washed my hair and had a good scrub but I’m already looking for an excuse to do it all over again.

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