Pamper with Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit

Pamper with Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit

Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit will pamper you after a hard day


We love a good box of pamper goodies and Pain In The Sass have the perfect product.

The sassy folks have a stylish blend of beauty products to help party girls recover from a big night out.

If you need some extra loving, a pamper, and a spa in a box then the Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit is for you.

It gives you  incredible products as well as fun and comic laughs galore.

Any gal who has been on a big night out will soon thank them.

Us girls understand that life should be about feeling clean, sexy, and pampered.

The Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit from the brilliant peeps at Wash Me Style Me has so much in it.

 You’ll be overwhelmed with love and TLC from the gels and lotions inside.

The box is brightly coloured and has some cheeky tag lines that are sure to reflect your sassy mood.

Pink Grapefruit shower gel is delivered in miniature bottles.

The smell will make anyone fall at your feet.

They are dinky, sexy, fun, giggly, funky, bubbly little packages of pure indulgence.

We think they are ideal for scrubbing up just in time for a big night out. They’ll even clean off the day after you’ve partied hard.

There’s also a body lotion as well as Wipe Right facial wipes which will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and smooth.

After a big night out you’ll feel like doing it all over again.

And when you come home, you’ll get an even better sleep with a pampering eye mask. It’s proof that Pain In The Sass can help you with any hangover.

There are lots of cosmetic and beauty products on the market but few can pamper like Pain In The Sass.


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