It’s important to use a good moisturiser on your skin and Pain In The Sass is just that.

The beauty and cosmetics brand  from has a host of moisturiser products.

There are lotions and potions to help you cleanse and then look after your skin.

We love the body moisturisers on offer in the special gift box from Pain In The Sass.

The Pamper Box is just one of the choices on offer and  it gives you several moisturiser options.

Since the skin needs water to survive, it is important to give your body the hydration it needs.

Inside the Pain In  The Sass Pamper Kit is a fruity Shower Gel and scrub.

thst is great for when you want to get clean.

Master you’ve dried yourself off with a towel it then becomes necessary to moisturise.

The Pain In The Sass Moisturiser is great for all  skin types.

And it smells incredible too.

It is scented with Peony and Raspberry  and is so fruity Nad refreshing.

As a mosturiser it also boasts a long lasting scent.

It works well in your body and is not at all greasy and well balanced.

There is also a hand moisturiser which will come ensure dry hands are kept at bay.

The hand moisturiser  also smells of Peony and Raspberry and smooths out your skin.

The brilliant thing about Pain In The Sass is it’s attitude.

Many girl who has an opinion will appreciate it’s sassy slogans.

The shape of the bottles inside will also make you giggle.

They look really fun and funky and you will want to tell your friends all about them.

They are very American looking and trendy.

Pain In The Sass is snazzy and stylish and we love it. Bring on the moisturisers. They make a great gift idea.



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