Pain in the Sass Hangover Beauty Tips

Pain in the Sass Hangover Beauty Tips

Beauty, body, skincare, scrubs, lotions, potions and gels are all covered by Pain In The Sass and their fabulous skincare products.

The young, vibrant and funky beauty specialists in Scotland have their own online outlet Wash Me Style Me

It gives girly girls with an attitude exactly what they want – sassy products!

The Pain In The Sass spa products come in quirky, colourful packaging with lots of fun messages for rock stars and gals who wants some extra get up and glow.

The beauty products also add a giggle or two along the way.

Pain In The Sass is perfect for those who want to be different and stand out from the crowd!

The “Hangover Kit” is one of my personal party favourites because it oozes glamour and fun.

It also gives you everything you need to be fresh, clean, sassy and full of life.

Pain In The Sass have some new up and coming cosmetics in development such as lip balms and other fab cosmetics.

These include lip glosses, eye shadows, brow products and lipsticks, but right now, their Hangover Pack has plenty in it for just £15!

That gets you a “Morning After” Pink Grapefruit scented shower gel for starters. I You’ll feel fresh and clean in seconds – and fancy partying as soon as you open the mini bubbly bottle.

There’s also a Pain In The Sass Brainwash shampoo which can detangle, cleanse and leave your hair feeling silky, soft and smooth.

It also comes in a dinky bottle. We love it!

Both bottles are 250ml, adding double the bubble.

As if there wasn’t enough beauty – their “Sass Off!” sleep mask will help you get an extra good, refreshing sleep.

And the “Wipe Right!” fragrance free facial wipes can help you to moisturise and be kind to your skin.

What’s not to love?

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