Pain In The Sass Beauty is Pain Free

Pain In The Sass Beauty is Pain Free

Pain In The Sass toiletries will help you to stay clean in style.

You can be a Real Pain In The Sass Beauty with a range of bright and cartoon led products.

They are available from which is a Scottish company.

We love the Pamper Kit which comes in a beautiful box.

It’s funky and fun and really shows what Pain In The Sass Beauty is all about.
You get a lovely scrub and pouf inside the box.

It will help you to feel clean and fresh when you get ready for a girls night out.

At only £15 it’s a real bargain too.

In the box you also get a brilliantly berry shower gel.

It is shaped like a funky wine bottle and pours just as easily.

You also receive a Peony and Raspberry body lotion which just squirts our the bottle.

You’ll love the feel of it on your skin.

I feel that my bathroom is like a spa when I put on my Pain In The Sass Beauty products.

As well as getting ready for a night out with the Pamper Kit, Pain In The Sass can help you to relax afterwards.

They have a great Hangover Kit which is full of lovely fresh products to revive you.

When you come in from a big night out you like to take off your make up with ease.

The Wipe Right facial wipes will help you to take off your mascara and the rest of your lippy.

You also get a lovely pink grapefruit shampoo and shower gel.

They can also eliminate some of the dirt with ease.

They smell great too.

As all result, you’ll feel like going out to dance again as soon as you’ve had a good nights sleep.

The Pain In The Sass beauty hangover Kit and Pamper Kit are £15 from


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