Fun Cosmetics from Pain In The Sass

Fun Cosmetics from Pain In The Sass

I love my Pain In The Sass cosmetics because they are fun and funky.

I’ve always been the type of gal who likes a bit of colour and Pain In The Sass provide exactly that.

The fruity and funky brand based on a cartoon strip recently launched a range of cosmetics.

Aimed at girls who know what they want, Pain In The Sass cosmetics look great.

Because they are still a new range, there are only a few products on the market.

And you should snap them up if you see them.

I love the Wipe Right facial wipes because they help you to feel clean after a night out.

They are perfect for taking off your make up or cosmetics.

Even better are the brightly coloured boxes sold by Scottish firm

There are currently two gift packs you can buy, for yourself or a friend.

There is the amazing Hangover Pack.

You get lots of goodies inside this cosmetics box.

There is a shower gel which smells of pink grapefruit.

It looks like a mini bottle of bubbly and will impress your friends.

There is also a fantastic bottle of hair shampoo, also in pink grapefruit.

You will feel really revived and refreshed after using these in the shower or bath.

Additionally you also get an eye mask.

It helps you to sleep by making sure you are in complete darkness.

Pain in The Sass are soon going to be adding ot their cosmetics range.

They will soon be selling everything from lippy and mascara to concealers and glosses.

You can also buy their Pamper Pack which has other gels and lotions for your body inside.

It’s something a bit different from the norm and will add to your life in more ways than one.

Pain In The Sass cosmetics are recommended to all girls who like to be unique.


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