Fruity and fun – the bubbly Pamper Kit from Pain In The Sass

I never knew how important smell was until Pain In The Sass Shower me their fruity products.

Actually, I had been to a seminar where I was asked about my earliest scent memories.

The only thing I could think about was my daddy’s cigars and auntie Eva’s moth balls.

I love different smells and it’s important to have a good sniff of a beauty product before you buy it.

This is why Pain In The Sass have come up trumps with their fruity offerings.

The brand,  which is available in Scotland and beyond from Wash Me Style Me, smells delicious.

Their Pamper Kit is one of my favourites because it just smells so good.

If you are looking for something fruity this is the juice.

Scottish company who supply Pain In The Sass have gone out of their way to make things fruity.

You can try out delicious scents from Peony and Raspberry to pomegranate and grapefruit depending on the products.

This means shower and bath time will never feel the same again.

It also means that you will smell the best on the dance floor.

Let’s  start with the basics and Rub A Scrub Scrub. It’s Yummy and it will get rid of your excess skin and rough patches on your body.

When you open up the jar you get a strong whiff of Pomegranate and Berry. It really is delightfully fruity.

Then of course it’s time to get down with the body pouf and the shower gel which is also scented with Pomegranate and Berry.

It means you won’t have clashing scents as you wash away your blues.

Once you’ve dried off you can get even more fruity with the brilliant pop art body cream and hand cream.

Both smelling of Peony and Raspberry, they’ll remind you of ice cream, sweeties and a fruity salad.

You, of course, are the cherry on top.


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