Brain Wash sensation Pain in the Sass shampoo!

Brain Wash sensation Pain in the Sass shampoo!

Shampoos and soaps are important to keep your body, face and hair fresh and clean and the brand Pain In The Sass have the just the thing for you under their beauty goodies to get you into the perfect lather during shower time including their “Brain Wash” shampoo.

Colourful packaging is a real attraction for gals who want to have fun and Pain In The Sass ooze this with every set they produce to keep your eye attracted to all the different colours including pampering you with their skincare and gels.

Their Brainwash shampoo is a real delight and comes as just part of the Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit which is available from Wash Me Style Me in Scotland.It contains pink grapefruit aromas to give you a feminine scent whilst adding some fun with their bespoke champagne shaped bottle that adds to the luxury of pampering!

The fresh and funky animated “Brain Wash” shampoo smells absolutely divine and lasts all day until your next wash. It lathers on and off with ease and leaves your hair feeling soft and clean with an extra smooth and refreshing feel.

Pink Grapefruit is known for its cleansing and revitalising qualities and the Brainwash shampoo will make your hair feel clean and revitalised.

A Pain In The Sass” Morning After” Shower Gel is also a great boost and will help to remove dirt and grime gently from your skin.

The Wipe Right facial wipes are also fragrance free and kind of the skin leaving you feeling fresh and funky.

Pain In The Sass also have included a sleep mask “Sass Off!” in their Hangover Pack giving you an even better reason to relax and pamper yourself before the morning comes or much needed beauty sleep whilst keeping things sassy with their hilarious tag-line. We give it a giant thumbs up!!


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