Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit with Pink Grapefruit

When it comes to fun, beauty products, one of my favourites has to be Pain In The Sass.

The company has produced some incredibly colourful boxes of pamper products.

The Pain In The Sass Hangover Kit

I love this particular products because it has so much in it and is great value,

At just £15 you get the funky colourful box complete with lots of beauty products. They include  brilliant little pack of funky wipes called Wipe Right. They can help cleanse your face in seconds without there need for water. Its a great idea to keep in your handbag or for when you are travelling,

They also have a really cool little eye mask that’s included in the pack. It says Sass Off on the front which kind of reflect how I feel with a Hangover. In addition, it’s great for catching some serious shut eye when you feel rough.

You can also make sure you smell fresh and lovely even though you may feel worse for wear.

In the £15 box of fun, they’ve included a shower gel and a shampoo. These are both scented with Pink Grapefruit which really wakens you up. I loved using mine and couldn’t wait to pop open the quirky champagne bottle for the shower gel.

It comes out so smoothly and feels really refreshing as it hits your aching body.

I couldn’t stop smelling it. It’s called Morning After shower Gel and it is ideal for that.

They’ve even got shampoo

Pain In The Sass have even manufactured their own shampoo. It’s also Pink Grapefruit scented and it really scrubs away the tiredness. My whole scalp felt revived when I used it.

The cool thing is, all this great beauty and pampering stuff is available in on box. Its the end of box any self respecting girl would have on her bathroom shelf. It kind of oozes chill along with some attitude,

I cant wait for the guys at Pain In The Sass to come up with something else…




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