Bathroom products from Pain In The Sass

Bathroom products from Pain In The Sass

Pain In The Sass is the funky colourful brand that will add fun to your bathroom.
The girly product line has so much attitude it oozes out of every bottle.
Actually, if your bathroom could talk, it would be full of feisty comments after meeting Pain In The Sass.

The bathroom Hangover Kit is £15

I love The Hangover Kit which I currently have boxed on my bathroom shelf.

It’s only £15 and is available from Wash Me Style Me who are based in Scotland.

The box looks too good to open, although I might just do that later this week.

love the eye mask that comes with it.

As someone who can’t always sleep and gets distracted by light it’s a real bonus.

The elastic band round it is really comfy and the silk material is kind in your eyes.

Get extra attitude with Pain In The Sass Shower Gel

I think it will give me a bit of diva attitude in the bedroom too.
My bathroom is a pretty cool place now that I have Pain In The Sass In it.
I’ve also got some Pain In The Sass Shower Gel. It’s grapefruit scented and really gives me an extra boost in the mornings.

There’s a shampoo too, and although it’s in my bathroom I’m thinking of putting it in my kitchen.

You see, it looks like a mini bottle of champagne or bubbly.

It’s brightly coloured in a cartoon like wag and if looks so pretty.
I’ve been using Pain In The Sass Wipes for a while too and they are great.
They are very kind to sensitive skin and they clean your face easily.
I only have to use one to feel it’s really worked and it fits in my handbag or pocket. The Pain In The Sass packaging is so vibrant and funky and I love having it in my house.

I reckon any bathroom would benefit from it.

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